Hayes Farm

BHS approved Riding Stables in Ideford, Devon

Horses at Hayes Farm


George is 15' 2 hh, Tb x , He is a lovely 8 year old bay gelding, who loves to be ridden. He is suitable for beginners or experienced riders alike. A true gentleman, George is a pleasure to ride.


Black is one of the escort horses at Hayes Farm. She leads many of the hack outs, and is friendly and gentle around other other horses and riders. She belongs to Luke, who is part of the owner/management at Hayes Farm.


Maypole is a 14.2hh grey cob , a gentle and wise mare, loved by all who know her, She knows every inch of Ideford, and is a very popular horse on the yard , a real confidence builder in all abillity riders and a pleasure to ride.


Simba is a 14year old chestnut shetland , he is a lovely character, who is great for young children learning to ride. Hes a great first pony to ride, and he will make you not want to leave the saddle.


Fred is a bay gelding. He is a cob x tb roughly 15hh. A very handsome horse, with an energetic attitude, and is suitable all ability riders. A very loving personality and a pleasure to ride.



Tiara is a lovely Arab x 13.1hh, grey mare. She is a very safe ride , and extremly popular with children , due to her lovely manners and gorgeous temperment. She enjoys jumping and is very enthuiastic at whatever is asked of her.


Dinky is a grey shetland, who is now retired and enjoys a grass and grooming life. She is really friendly, and loves as much attention as possible. She has also been romantically linked to Simba <3


  Molly is a lovely bay , welsh section A,  who is about 11hh She has recently given birth to a gorgeous foal , named Savannah. Mum and foal are coming along wonderfully.

Saffire (Saff)


Saff is a 17hh chestnut mare with a great character. Saffire otherwise known as Saff, is one of the yards gentle giants , despite being 17hh saff is great fun to ride and love to be hacked around the beautiful scenery ideford has to offer also suitable for all ability riders.


Rosie is a bay dartmoor pony roughly 12hh she is a fun , energitic little pony , who loves to be ridden. She has a great personality and loves to spend her time eating as much as she can.


  Doris is a delight to ride, and is a real gentle giant. Doris is 15.2hh and a shire x, She has a brilliant character and is loved by all. Doris's humourous attitude and love for food , makes her a lovely mare to ride :)


Harvey is a chestnut 16.1hh gelding, he is a gorgeous man and lovely to ride, he is very popular due to his freindly ways , he is ideal for any sort of rider wanting to improve , in either jumping or flatwork. He loves to be ridden and is a very willing horse.



Shelly is one of the yard, escorted horses which means she takes out hacks and is lead off. She is a 16.2hh tb who has a lovely tempermant, and loves any human attention, shes also best friends with Doris.

Please note

We welcome riders of all ages and abilities at Hayes Farm, and will do our very best to accomodate you at your level of experience.

Please note that you must be under 15 stone (on our scales) to ride with us. For all further details about your riding requirements, please contact Maureen Coombes at 077 427 339 51

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